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Looking to start playing the ‘ukulele or to grow your skills as an ‘ukulele player? Self taught videos and books are great, but there are so many excellent programs available online that it’s worth taking a look to see if one fits your style and needs. 

If you know of an education program that we don’t have on this site, please reach out using the ‘Contact Us’ page. 

Andrew Molina Ukulele Academy

Evolve and Enjoy Your Own Unique Ukulele Journey.

Self-learning with YouTube just doesn’t motivate you. Repetitive chord practice is boring. “Professional” lessons are expensive and quality varies.

How do you get unstuck to unlock your full potential?

Novice through professional, the Academy will help you achieve your goals!

  • Confidently unlock and navigate the entire fretboard
  • Discover little techniques that’ll grow your playing in a big way
  • Learn more musical ways to emotionally express chords
  • Impress the crowds, your friends, and family with improved musicianship
  • Absorb knowledge at a self-paced speed to match your lifestyle
  • Utilize high quality and in-depth instructional videos at any playback speed
  • Jump in at any level
  • Retain and confirm your knowledge with interactive quizzes
  • Level up your improving ability while jamming with friends
  • Develop the ability to pick up new strumming patterns as you hear them
  • Break away from the mechanical playstyle

NOTE: This is by no means a hand-holding, “let’s play the C, F, G7 chords for 30 minutes” type of academy. Andrew will give you the tools needed to define and develop your unique playing style, but your drive and your persistence to learn starts and comes from YOU.


edUKEcation was founded with the goal of sharing musical joy with all who seek it. Through thoughtful curation of differentiated arrangements for the ukulele, we welcome players of every skill level, perspective, and walk of life. We strive to offer an inclusive experience to lovers of music from all backgrounds. We hope to elevate the art of the uke by drawing upon its accessibility, portability, versatility, and connective nature. From solo players to ensembles, beginners to virtuosos, we aim to provide something for everyone.

The ukulele can bring out the best in people. We’re here to help you play your part.

Hawaii Music School

Hawaii Music School desires to bring the gift of music to anyone who wants to learn.  We offer the best music education with a curriculum that suits your needs. 

We provide instruction in a variety of styles, tailor instruction for varying experience levels, and instruct in music theory, technique, feel and creativity.

Uketropolis with James Hill

Uketropolis is where learning lives: online ukulele lessons for all levels, from kids to adults. James Hill provides world-class teacher training and a supportive community. Try a free ukulele lesson today!
Starting Out?
60+ minutes of beginner ukulele lessons with James. Learn to strum a song, pick a melody, read music, and more. All yours for a dollar. Level: Absolute Beginner

Ready for a Boost?
Go beyond beginner in 10 Online Ukulele Lessons with the magic of Chord Twins. Learn blues, jazz and Hawaiian music fast! A fun, easy way to move beyond the “beginner’s plateau” of ukulele playing. Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Master the Art of Solo Ukulele
Playing melody, harmony and rhythm at the same time is the ukulele’s greatest magic trick. Learn the secrets of chord-melody from James Hill with this online ukulele course and connect with students from around the world. Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Learn Extreme Ukulele
Go where no uke has gone before with this insane course. With UkuleleX, James takes you on a trip to the outer limits. Transform your uke into a drum machine and learn how a pair of chopsticks can turn the world of ukulele upside down.
Level: Extreme

Ukulele Corner

Everything You Need
We provide all the learning resources you need inside the Academy. Sheet music, technical routines, theory lessons, ensemble scores and backing tracks. Everything you need, in one place.

Structure & Focus
With a clear pathway laid out in front, you will be able to focus your time and energy. Free from decision fatigue and focused on material that is at your level, you can make real progress.

Classical, Jazz, Hawaiian, and Folk Music
Get access to a vast library of lessons and arrangements in a variety of styles. Years of material to keep you playing all provided for you in an organized library.

Ukulele Underground

Ukulele Underground was created in 2007 with the purpose of helping to grow the next generation of ukulele players throughout the world. For years, the ukulele had been labeled a toy instrument never to be taken seriously. Today, Ukulele Underground continues to challenge the world’s preconceived notions of what the ukulele is supposed to sound like and break barriers that limit the types of music the ukulele is associated with.

We do this by providing a fertile bed of resources to help the next generation of ukulele players grow. We create content that teaches the world how to play the instrument. We open minds to the true potential of the instrument through performance and innovation. We empower these students to become teachers and evangelists for the ukulele movement.

Our mission is to create millions of new ukulele players, which in turn helps millions experience the joy of music. This is the Ukulele Underground. Are you the next generation?

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